Microblading - £295

Price includes a perfection visit
Appointment time 2-3 hours

The perfect solution for those wanting a natural result, ideal for filling in sparse areas, correcting the shape, creating symmetry or adding definition due to hair loss. 3D hairstrokes are created using a sterile manual blade which is applied to the surface layer of the skin. Pigments are chosen and matched to your hair and skin tone for a natural result.

Not suitable for very oily skin types.


Ombre Brows - £300

Price includes a perfection visit
Appointment time 2-3 hours

The brow of choice for many if you like a fuller brow or the 'make-up', pencilled in look. Ombre brows are designed to be softer at the front. Design can also be softer around the top of the brow or more defined, this will be discussed at consultation.

Ombre brows are perfect solution for very oily skin types.


Combination Brow - £350

Price includes a perfection visit
Appointment time 2-3 hours

An ombre style eyebrow combined with microblading hair strokes. Combination brows can be soft or bold with hairstrokes at the front or all the way through the brow.

The perfect mixture of both techniques. 


Design is discussed and brow style is tailored to you, this is decided during the consultation part of an appointment.


Blade & Shade - £350

Price includes a perfection visit
Appointment time 2-3 hours

For those that love the fluffy natural look, this style combines the manual method of microbladed hair strokes along with shading to add depth and definition.

This style is perfect for those with very little brow hair or very uneven brows.


Lip Blush - £275

Price includes a perfection visit

Appointment time 2.5 hours

Lip blushing is a semi permanent, cosmetic tattoo that uses pigments to achieve a tinted, natural-looking lip colour. Essentially it enhances the beauty of the natural lip colour, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and the illusion of fullness. This treatment delivers very natural results, once healed. 


Maintenance visit for existing clients

On average our clients return once a year for a colour boost and to ensure their cosmetic tattoo looks fresh, however you can allow the tattoo to fade out more over a period of time which is ideal if you would like to try a new style.

The following costs apply:

0-6 months £75

6-12 months £125

13-18 months £175

19-24 months £250

24 months £ Full Price


Colour corrections or Top ups from work done elsewhere

If you have had a treatment done elsewhere  and you would like for us to cover it, before proceeding to an appointment you will need to contact us and send us some images.

Please email clear images, in very good lighting showing all angles including face on and a close up showing the colour of the old tattoo to

Covering previous work depends on many factors so we cannot guarantee that we can cover/correct, in these instances we will refer you to our Coulsdon salon for a laser removal.